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Buying Seroquel online, Ordering Seroquel online

When a psycho cop drags master thief Danny Felix out of bed, he couldn’t imagine that he was about to be plunged into the robbery of a lifetime.

Detective Inspector James Harkness is as crooked, reckless and deadly as his plan, but Danny believes he can work both the dirty cop and the job and get away with it all.

But Harkness isn’t the only cop hunting for Danny. Detective Christine Chance is determined to kick ass and bang up the criminals. She is doggedly tracking clues which could lead her to both the thief and the twisted policeman, all while trying to look after her seriously ill daughter.

Can Danny defy the odds and escape Harkness with his life? Can Christine Chance be deceived and outplayed? And will Danny be able to grind London to a halt and pull off a robbery like no other? Danny thinks he can, but in this explosive game of cat and mouse, London will definitely be interrupted.

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You have to sit down when you’re reading London Interrupted. This first novel by Belfast man JA Marley sweeps you along through the darker side of London’s crime scene, cops and robbers at their best, and keeps you rooted to the spot.

Advance Review: Anne Hailes at

London Interrupted is a clever and gripping thriller, with an interesting cast of characters. If you like UK crime fiction then this is definitely a book to add to your list

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It has been eighteen months since Danny Felix pulled off the robbery of his life. His plan brought London to a standstill, but at a heavy price.

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