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Growing up in working-class West Belfast during the height of Northern Ireland’s Troubles, John (J.A.) Marley could be forgiven for spending most of his spare time devouring books and watching movies to escape the grim realities of day to day life around him.

One of John’s favorite things to do in those days was to ‘borrow’ his Dad’s library books when he was through with them, secretly delighting in their adult content although his age was yet to reach double figures. He developed a passion for Elmore Leonard, Ian Fleming, Alistair MacLean and Jack Higgins. The more action and suspense the better, as far as he was concerned. Over the years John wondered if he could create something along the lines of the thrillers he so enjoyed. While reviewing the latest James Bond film for BBC Radio Ulster or interviewing Richard Gere for the brilliant corrupt cop movie ‘Internal Affairs’ for Northern Ireland’s most popular morning newspaper, he promised himself that one day he would have a go at writing something in the crime and thriller genre.

Moving to London to pursue his TV career in his early twenties, John worked on some of the UK’s biggest shows: BAFTA Award-winning entertainment shows such as ‘Noel’s House Party’ and ‘SM:TV Live.’ He co-created the BAFTA-nominated kid’s show ‘Best of Friends’ and co-produced the BBC’s Oscar show not once but twice. Going on to establish his own TV production company, John scored hits with the critically acclaimed history series ‘Britain’s Flying Past’ after spending two years convincing the Royal Air Force to give him exclusive access to their top pilots. But throughout this time, he still had a writing itch he wanted to scratch.

After he called time on his successful thirty-year career in television, John knew that the challenge he wanted to face next was the one he had set himself all those years ago back in Belfast. London Interrupted and the other Danny Felix Adventures are the result of that challenge. He hopes you enjoy them.

John is a member of both the Society of Authors (uk Seroquel cheap) and also the Crime Writers Association (Seroquel ohne rezept).



J.A. Marley’s novel London Interrupted brings the genre bang up to date with the heist of the 21st Century

Mark Hill, Author

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